Bedding and feeding buckets

We offer a multifunctional bucket for manipulators and loaders with simple operation.
Effectively saves time and labor.

Bedding and feeding buckets

  • 1


    Bedding of separate, straw and straw with limestone

  • 2


    Feeding of livestock (haylage, silage, grain)

  • 3


    Transport and stacking of bulk material (sawdust, compost)

Bedding and feeding buckets L 160, L 190, L 220

Bedding and feeding buckets L 160, L 190, L 220

We offer an effective solution for bedding or feeding livestock. The bucket is compatible with various manipulators, front loaders including the possibility of attaching to a three-point hitch. Easy and practical bedding of separates, cut straw, mixed feeding portion, etc. The innovative design of the bucket minimises dust generation when bedding even over longer distances. The agitator equipped with knives can easily handle even wet separates and maintains a constant flow of material onto the conveyor.
This versatile tool is not limited to cut straw or separates - it can also be used to handle other types of bulk materials such as sawdust, cores, compost, clay, sand and more.

Bedding mixture of straw, limestone and manure on to beds

Separate bedding

Separate bedding


  • easy handling
  • time and labor saving
  • use in any environment
  • low dust content
  • robust construction
  • easy mobility
  • easy maintenance
  • high reliability and durability
  • universal mounting (Euro, 3-point attachment)

The speed of the conveyor and agitator can be adjusted according to the need of the material or to regulate the loading, which allows efficient work in any environment.

Bedding cut straw at low stall clearance

Extension plates allow variable adjustment of the bucket volume. Handling the bucket is simple and saves a considerable amount of physical work and time.

Buckets with extension plates to increase hopper volume

Technical characteristics

Variant Width (m) Volume (m³) Conveyor width (cm) Channel width (cm) Min. tractor power HP/kW Min. amount of hydraulic oil (l) Min. oil pressure (bar) Weight (kg) Height (m) Length (m)
L 160 1,60 1,3 30,5 35 40/29,4 20-25 125 240 1,36 1,53
L 190 1,90 1,6 30,5 35 50/36,8 21-25 125 320 1,36 1,53
L 220 2,20 1,9 30,5 35 50/36,8 22-25 125 400 1,36 1,53
Bedding bucket for the application of limestone LV 160

Bedding bucket for the application of limestone LV 160

The LV160 bucket is specially designed for fast and efficient bedding of limestone. It is equipped with modified knives on the agitator to ensure the regular dumping of the material onto the conveyor and prevent limestone from sticking to the bucket walls. Mechanically lockable plates and hydraulic throttling valves allow the amount of material to be dropped to be regulated as required. A viewing window provides control of the amount of material in the bucket and improves visibility during passage.

The design of this bedding bucket is unique, in that there is no other suitable limestone application machine on the market that provides the same level of accuracy, efficiency and control as the beddding bucket LV 160.

Limestone application

Beddding and feeding bcuket for longer material LB 160

Beddding and feeding bucket for longer material LB 160

Long material is no problem. Whether you're working with long straw, hay or feeding haylage, this bucket is designed to handle a variety of loose materials for consistent results.

The wider conveyor allows for a smoother ejection of material out of the machine. This minimises the risk of clogging and increases the efficiency of the process. Thanks to the width of the machine, just 160 cm, you are assured of optimum passability and manoeuvrability even in the most difficult conditions.


  • easy handling
  • time and labor saving
  • low dust content
  • easy mobility and maintenance

Feeding silage mixture from the mixer wagon

Larger miller diameter for trouble-free work.
Compared to a standard bucket, the LB 160 has a larger miller, minimising the risk of long material getting tangled and ensuring smooth operation.

Beet feeding