Muck scraper

We offer a muck scraper for gathering various materials.
The advantage is light and easy handling, saving time and labour.

Muck scraper

simple device for
a variety of materials
practical function

The muck scraper is designed for gathering various materials (separates, sand, limestone, sawdust, etc.). It is fitted with rubber, which is attached to the structure with screws all around the perimeter (to ensure low noise when handling the equipment, and perfect gathering of the material). The massive construction can handle even larger lumps of different material. Attaches to the front of a loader or manipulator, skid steer, wheel loader, etc. Supplied with customer-specific mounting - the mounting is welded to the machine.

massive construction
low noise level
easy maintenance

  • easy handling
  • easy mobility
  • time and labor saving

Technical characteristics

Width (cm) Weight (kg)
180 - 230 80 - 110