Mobile trench silo cover

We offer an efficient mobile silage pit cover for connection to a hydraulically driven front loader.

Mobile trench silo cover

practical machine
conmncection to front loader
hydraulic drive

The silage pit cover winch is a useful device for covering or uncovering the silage pit. The highly durable tarpaulin with a 30-year warranty fully replaces the drudgery of tyres or ballast bags.

The heavy duty tarpaulin has sleeves that can be filled with water to achieve a perfect load along the entire length of the pit. The result is considerable time savings, fast handling and minimal feed loss.

constant feed ration
cost saving
ease of work

  • minimum feed loss
  • fast handling
  • optimum loading of the silage pit (without air supply)
  • tarpaulin with 30-year warranty

Technical characteristics

Working range (m) Weight (kg) Roller speed (RPM) Mounting
4,6 (up to 20) 480 15 Front loader