For better orientation on the CERNIN-DILY web, we present a sitemap.

  • Home - basic introduction of the company, news, description of the range of products, list of machine brands
  • About us - introduction of the company, range of productd and services
    • Company introduction - the past and present of CERNIN-DILY s.r.o.
    • Company focus - focus in the field of agrotechnics, range of products offered
    • Company values - the way we provide solutions to our customers, commitment to our partners and cooperation with our colleagues
  • Spare parts - offer of custom-made spare parts, description of materials and advantages of production, machine brands, photo gallery, downloadable documents
  • Agricultural machinery
    1. Bedding buckets - offer of bedding buckets, description of the operation and advantages of the equipment, technical characteristics, video, photo gallery, downloadable documents
    2. Bale spreader - offer of bale spreaders for round and square bales of hay, straw and haylage
    3. Handling buckets - offer of handling buckets for transporting haylage, fodder, bales, manure
    4. Mobile trench silo cover - offer a cover to ensure quick covering and uncovering of the trench silo
    5. Splitter / wood chipper - offer splitter / wood chipper and wet wood, the maximum cross section is 40 - 50 mm
  • Agricultural tools
    1. Rake - range of rakes for bedding in boxes, description of the operation and advantages of the machine, photo gallery
    2. Cernin brush - offering brushes for cleaning boxes, feed corridors and pushing feed
    3. Muck scraper - offer of muck scrapers for picking up different materials
    4. Feed pusher - offers a pusher for double-sided pushing feed
    5. Bale unroller - offers an unroller for unrolling round bales of hay, straw, silage, haylage
    6. Bale handling tongs - range of tongs for easy handling of all types of bales
    7. Manure forks - range of forks for transporting all types of manure
  • News - invitations to agrotechnical exhibitions, spare parts offers, news, interesting references
  • Contact - seat and establishment, invoice data, contact form, map
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