Brush Cernin

We offer a brush for cleaning boxes, feed passages and feed pushing. The advantages are easy handling, control directly from the cab of the manipulator, saving time and labour.

Brush Cernin

  • 1

    Cleaning the surface
    of the boxes

  • 2

    Preventing the surface
    from drying out

  • 3

    Reduction of micro-organism proliferation

simple device
purposeful design
efficient cleaning

The brush is designed for cleaning individual boxes (with/without mattress), it cleans the surface from dung, separates, sand, straw, limestone, sawdust, etc., prevents faster drying of the surface and reduces the proliferation of microorganisms. The solid construction and industrial brush used by road workers can handle even larger stubborn clods. The brush is also used for cleaning feed passages and for feed pushing.

control from the cab
easy handling
easy maintenance

  • purposeful design
  • practical function
  • time and labor saving

The brush is designed to be attached to a front end loader, manipulator or skid steer loader and more.

Brush Cernin classic

Brush Cernin

The classic brush uses a wide industrial brush with a variable width of 90 - 180 cm.

Technical characteristics

Brush width (cm) Weight (kg) Height (cm)
90 79 160
120 93 160
150 105 160
180 119 160
Hydraulic brush Cernin

brush Cernin

The hydraulic brush also includes electronically adjustable piston rod extension and brush rotation speed, proportional distributor + remote control for countless working positions. The hydraulic brush uses a 43 cm Ø round industrial brush.

Technical characteristics

Arm length (cm) Width (cm) Height (cm) Weight (kg) Brush diameter (cm)
148 82 73 138 43