We offer a rake to level the bedding in the boxes.
It increases productivity, reduces bedding costs and mastitis.

Horizontal rake

purposeful design
hydraulic drive
practical function

The rake is a simple and effective device for levelling and aerating bedding in individual boxes. The solid construction can handle even larger clods and bedsores. The rake is designed to be attached to the front of a loader or skid steer loader, designated for hydraulic drive. It has a stop that is adjustable and follows the edges of the beds. The tines are interchangeable.

The rake will level up the bedding (separates, sand, straw + limestone, sawdust, etc.), avoiding any "burrows" and aerating the bedding, helping it to dry out faster and reducing the proliferation of micro-organisms.

higher productivity
breeding efficiency
cost savings

  • increased productivity
  • reduction of litter costsi
  • reduction in mastitis
  • improved welfare

Technical characteristics

Working range (cm) Number of tines Tines length (cm) Weight (kg)
120 11 15 180
Vertical rake


The rake is specially designed according to the customer's needs.